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Vinyl Liner Replacements

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Liner replacement. Liner repair. Liner installation.

Minnesota swimming Pool Liner replacements are one of our specialties and are a major part of our repair work. We install 50-60 liners in the short Minnesota summer and have the experience to make sure yours is installed perfectly. We measure your pool to exact specifications and guarantee your liner will fit perfect and be wrinkle free, and NOT over stretched. Liner fit is the single most important aspect to ensure a long life for your new swimming pool liner.

We are so confident in our liner fit that we offer a wrinkle "FREE" guarantee. If your new liner has a wrinkle, you will not pay another dime.*

We recommend and use only Merlin liners. They are backed by

a 20 and 25 year manufacturer warranty and come with 38

pattern choices. Merlin liners are made of the finest virgin vinyl

available and are resistant to sunlight, bacteria, fungus and


Our Standard liner replacement includes the following:

- 20 mil Virgin vinyl liner

- Exact field measurement of your swimming pool

- Careful removal and disposal of your old liner

- 1 bag of Pool Krete (vermiculite) to patch your pool bottom.

- Thorough cleaning of pool bottom, sidewalls, and liner track.

- Complete sanitation of pool bottom with algaecide and strong oxidizer

- Installation of new liner.

- Installation of new faceplates, gaskets, and directional jets

- Pressure test of existing pipes and filtration system.

- Pool opening.

Appearance and quality construction come together beautifully in a Merlin pool liner. It all begins with the design. Many of our patterns are Merlin “exclusives,” developed in collaboration with professional designers whose creations reflect the latest home décor and color trends. The result is a liner certain to make your swimming pool the centerpiece of your backyard.

As varied as they are attractive, Merlin liners are available in both 27 mil and 20 mil thicknesses of 100% virgin vinyl – including our Value Max liners, which offers 27 mil thickness at 20 mil prices! All of our U.S.A.-made vinyl provide extra U.V. and antibacterial protection to look better, longer.

See how Merlin's professional pool liner patterns will look on your pool! Just click the image above to open our virtual tour!

The Best Fitting Swimming Pool Liners in the Business.

Merlin pool liners are custom-designed for your pool to provide the best possible fit and durability. Each liner is CAD-designed and custom manufactured to accommodate steps, angles, objects and unique configurations.

Aqua-Max vinyl, truly different, truly better!

Your Best Choice! For years pool owners have been looking for a better pool liner only to be told that all they can get is a thicker vinyl liner. Higher gauge liners are still subject to the same Ultraviolet, Chemical and Heat damage as standard 20 mil liners are. Now, new from Merlin Industries, come Aqua-Max 20 mil vinyl liners!

Aqua-Max 20 Mil Pool liners are specially formulated to provide

greater Ultraviolet resistance and greater resistance to today's

pool chemical systems and the occasional chemical misuse.

Aqua-Max 20 mil vinyl liners are truly a better vinyl liner.

Don't settle for just a thicker liner, demand a better liner! Demand an Aqua-Max 20 mil vinyl liner, only from Merlin!

*Swimming pool bottom and side walls are guaranteed to be free from wrinkles. Due to the unknown condition of steps, the vinyl covered step portion of your liner is excluded from the wrinkle "FREE" guarantee. The guarantee will still cover pool bottom and sidewalls even if your pool has vinyl covered steel steps. Guarantee is only valid in Minnesota.

Silk Seam

Merlin even has your seam covered. Our SilkSeam process creates a flat seam that's easy on your feet and less likely to catch sediment and debris.

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