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New Inground Swimming Pool Construction

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Unwind, relax, and drift away.

Who hasn't dreamed about having a new inground swimming pool in their Minnesota back yard? Swimming Pools offer a wonderful place to relax and unwind from a chaotic day. They offer a venue for your son or daughter's birthday party. They are the place where you'll have the family together for dinner. Swimming Pools are the place where you can get caught up on your next read and then take a nap in the sun. They are the place where you'll see your children grow and enjoy every minute of their time. They are the place where you'll spend the rest of your summers.

Your decision to build a new swimming pool, or to

renovate your existing pool, will be rewarded in

many ways. Not only will a new inground pool

bring you years of great fun and healthy exercise

with family and friends, but it will also create a

magical backyard environment that is sure to

increase your home's allure.

There has never been a better time to install a new

swimming pool or renovate your old pool. In just the past few years, there

have been tremendous innovations in inground swimming pool design, building techniques, and the pool equipment and pool accessories available to make your dream pool a reality. Long gone are the days where you need to spend hours every day cleaning your swimming pool or maintaining and balancing your chemicals. With chlorine generators, electronic chemical testing, and automatic cleaners, you will not have to spend more than an hour each week to keep your swimming pool clean and maintained.

Select from dozens of shapes or create your own. With our expert guidance, you will be able to create the wonderland you always dreamed about as a child.

One thing that distinguishes us from other

inground swimming pool companies is that we

build your pool exactly how you want it. We

will teach you everything that our experience

has taught us, and then let you decide what

will work best for you.

We don't build hundreds of inground swimmig

pools each year, but we do build high quality

pools. When someone gloats about building that

many swimming pools each year, it is not a good thing. How can someone control quality if they are only spending a day to do the job. Things will get missed and errrors will be made. You just cant control quality at that pace.

We pride ourselves on building exceptional Minnesota inground swimming pools and providing superior service and support once those pools are in place. To control quality and timing, all of our pools are built in house and the only part we contract out is the excavation and dirt haul.

Please keep in mind when comparing Minnesota swimming pools and Minnesota swimming pool companies that not only should you compare the products you are getting, but also who will be installing them. You are essentially buying a handmade product where highly skilled professionals are required to get a high quality finished product. To accomplish this, we have a much more relaxed installation schedule and make certain to take all the time necessary to install your pool properly and professionally.

We acknowledge that there are numerous Minnesota inground pool installes and inground swimming pool service companies for you to choose from. We are a small Minnesota family owned business and we truly appreciate you giving us the opportunity to work with you. Most of our work is based on referrals and once you start working with us, you'll realize that you've made the right choice. Minnesota

Kalifornia Pool & Spa is prepared to help you make informed decisions about new pool equipment, accessorizing, or upgrading your pool. Many new and exciting equipment choices are now available to ensure that your pool will be a reliable source of fun, relaxation, and pride for many years to come.

Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Swimming Pool