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Weekly Chemical & Cleaning

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Minnesota summers are short. Why waste it spending time trying to keep your swimming pool cleaned, chemically balanced, and safe to swim? Let our expertise be your ticket to a summer of relaxation.

Water balance and general swimming pool maintenance are a very important part of owning a pool. We offer a number of swimming pool cleaning and pool service plans to suit your individual needs. Kalifornia Pool has more than 35 years experience with swimming pool care, providing both pool maintenance , repair

services, as well as a full service repair, renovation, swimming

pool vinyl liner replacement, and a new inground construction

department. We service Minneapolis, St. Paul, the entire Twin

Cities and most all surrounding Suburbs. We can handle small

and large jobs, residential or commercial pools.

We pride ourselves on providing quality products and excellent

customer service. We don't want to be the biggest pool

company around, we want to be the BEST. This is why we continually strive for complete customer satisfaction, continuous education for our staff, and belonging to organizations such as APSP and BBB that are geared towards raising pool and spa industry standards. It is because of this that you can be assured that with Kalifornia Pool, you will have access to the most educated Minnesota service technicians available.

Our weekly pool cleaning and pool chemical balancing services include some of the following:

- Vacuum pool bottom

- Net the pool surface

- Brush pool walls and bottom

- Empty skimmer and pump basket

- Backwash filter, Clean Cartridges or Grids

- Check and Balance water chemistry

- Asses and potential pool problems

- Check equipment for visible problems

We offer several plans to meet your needs:


- Monday - Sunday cleaning and balancing your pool

Twice Weekly

- Twice a week cleaning and balancing your pool


- Once a week cleaning and balancing your pool

Chemical Only

- Once a week we check and balance your pool chemicals

Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Swimming Pool