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Opening & Closing Your Pool

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Minnesota Swimming Pool Openings

Having Kalifornia Pool open your swimming pool is the first step to ensure a trouble free summer. We have 32 years of experience and know how to start your pool with ease. Our technicians are highly trained to handle any issues should they come up.

Our standard pool opening includes:

- Installation of all ladders, handrails, and lights

- Removal of all winter plugs and insertion of

directional eyeballs and skimmer baskets

- Startup of pump, filter, and heater

- 5 lb. pool shock and 1 qt. algaecide

- Water chemistry analysis

- Visual inspection of swimming pool and

equipment for potential problems

- Free estimate for repair should any issues arise

- Removal of winter cover is additional

Minnesota Swimming Pool Closings & Winterizing.

Our Standard closing includes the following:

- Removal of Ladders and Handrails

- Based on manufacture recommendation for

maximum longevity, pool lights are not removed.

Lights will be removed upon customer request.

- Blow out all piping connected to pool equipment

- Add proper amounts of Anti-freeze to the pool lines

- Plug all pool fittings

- Winterize pool equipment

- 5 lb. shock and 1 qt. algaecide

- Installation of winter cover is additional.

Closing your swimming pool properly is of the utmost importance. We have closed thousands of pools and are so confident in our work that we guarantee our winterizing against any freeze damage that may occur due to an improper winterizing.

Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Swimming Pool